Gravy Train Overdrive

Price: £70  + Shipping.
To Order: Contact Me.


The Gravy Train is a classic overdrive based on a vintage design.

Great sounding and easy to use, it can also be utilised very effectively as a ‘dirty boost’ for pushing the front end of valve amplifiers!

The Gravy Train also features a ‘Clip’ toggle switch which selects between Asymmetrical and Symmetrical clipping stages. This helps defines the tonality, compression and ‘feel’ of the overdrive.






The controls are simple: Volume and Gain. Turning up the gain gradually, and subtly, reduces bass. This helps to ‘tighten up’ the overall tone, and helps to cut through the mix a bit easier.


  • Classic overdrive/dirty booster with switchable clipping diodes.
  • Heavy duty True Bypass footswitch and PCB assembly with LED status indicator.
  • Quality 1/4 Inch Neutrik Jacks.
  • Wima and Panasonic Capacitors.
  • 1% Metal Film Resistors.
  • Davies Control Knobs.
  • Long life, PCB mount Alpha potentiometers.
  • Custom finished Light Blue hammerite die cast aluminium enclosure with hand applied graphic decal.
  • NOS Clipping Diodes.


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