Tesla Cannon Fuzz

Classic Muff tones… and beyond!

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The Tesla Cannon is my own loving take, and homage, to the king of all fuzz boxes.

It works equally well for gritty and thick rhythm playing (especially garage and stoner rock; think Auerbach, White etc.) as it does for harmonically rich, sustained lead playing (think Gilmour, Corgan etc.).

It is perfect for those looking for a heavy, saturated, fuzz, with enough versatility to cover many styles and genres.


The controls are: Volume, Gain, Tone and Mids. The gain knob has a lot more usable range on the Tesla Cannon in comparison to most standard Muff’s, which usually sound best cranked up.

The also pedal features an external Mids control, which is very handy for cutting through a band mix. Traditional Big Muff’s have a tendency to get ‘drowned out’ in a band mix due to the mid scoop they exhibit, the Tesla Cannon lets you go from the standard Big Muff scoop, all the way through to thick boosted mids.

The pedal also features internal switches that allow you to select the diodes used in both saturation stages of  the circuit. You can select from traditional compressed and saturated silicon diode clipping, warm and open Light Emitting Diode clipping (my personal favourite) and rude and gritty no clipping diodes!

Quick Tip: Jumbo Tonebender tones can be coaxed from the pedal by selecting silicon diode clipping on the first stage switch, and no clipping on the second stage switch!

The clipping diode switches are shipped set to Light Emitting Diode.

My advice is to start with all controls at noon, and work from there!


  • Classic Muff tones… and beyond!
  • Mids knob and clipping switches enhance versatility and expand the range of tones available.
  • Heavy duty True Bypass footswitch and PCB assembly with LED status indicator.
  • Quality 1/4 Inch Neutrik Jacks.
  • Wima and Panasonic Capacitors.
  • 1% Metal Film Resistors.
  • Quality aluminium control knobs.
  • Long life, PCB mount Alpha potentiometers.
  • Custom finished hammerite die cast aluminium enclosure with hand applied graphic decal.
  • Internal clipping switches.
  • Handmade with love in Nottinghamshire, UK!

For the Muff connoisseurs out there, the basis for the Tesla Cannon is a combination of the ‘Russian’ and ‘Rams Head’ circuit revisions, with extra features and tweaks to enhance usability and versatility. Transistors are hand selected and tested, to ensure ample saturation and smooth tone.



2 thoughts on “Tesla Cannon Fuzz

  1. Having a similar pedal with the mids knob built by SJ Effects, I can attest to the versatility of this pedal. In fact, it makes such a great variety of sounds that I wish I could use an expression pedal with it! In fact, maybe I need three TCs to be able to set them and use without changing it mid song! I can’t recommend this pedal highly enough. In fact, my Skreddy Mayo pedal is on ebay right now, since I no longer have a use for it! Thanks SJ!

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