Hey Hey, My My

Here are a few photos of a Catalinbread Formula No.5 clone I built for myself.

I got the schematic from the Madbeanpedals forum (an amazing forum and resource), and designed my own PCB.

Its another cascaded JFet desgin (like the DLS), which results in a real dynamic and responsive tone.

JFet based overdrives are definitely my favourite style of dirt pedal, they just seem a lot more responsive to me.

The pedal sounds super cool, and at higher gain can cop a cool Neil Young style tone.

At medium gain its also perfect for a bit of Keef.

Like the tweed amps its based upon, as you turn up the gain, the tone control has less of an effect.

Like all Catalinbread pedals I have tried, built and owned, this one is a winner for sure. I would highly recommend all Catalinbread pedals.

Fo No 5 1

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