Six Shooter Booster (Germanium Boost)

Heres the latest of my builds to show you guys.

Its an NPN Rangemaster with Input cap blend.

The range control allows you to go from traditional Rangemaster treble boost, all the way through to full frequency boost.

I also used ‘mojo’ components in this build (axial electrolytics, Vishay film caps etc.).

The original Rangemaster unit used an OC71 or OC44 transistor. The Transistor I used in this build is a TI 2N1302. It had the right gain and leakage, sounded good, so in it went! Also, this is an NPN germanium transistor (as opposed to PNP), which means it is a negative ground effect, and will play nicely with external power supplies etc.

Germanium treble boosters (this one included) sound glorious running into amps running at high volume, pushing them into saturation.

I went with Chickenhead knobs on this one to add to the ‘Vintage’ vibe.

Six Shooter Booster 1

Six Shooter Booster

Six Shooter Booster Gutshot

Six Shooter Gutshot

Six Shooter Booster 2

Six Shooter Booster 2

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