Tonebender Mark II

Another day, another fuzz!

Here be a Tonebender Mark II stuffed with good ol’Mullard OC84’s.

The pedal also has an internal voltage inverter circuit (the PCB attached to the 3PDT), so the PNP (positive ground) pedal can be powered/daisy chained with other standard NPN (negative ground) pedals.

This Tonebender sounds nice and full and ‘growly’. The fuzz is a bit warmer and ‘open’ in comparison to OC75 loaded Mark II’s (to my ears anyway).

Also, something about Tonebender Mark II’s just make me want to play Led Zeppelin (Mr Page used a TB MK II extensively)  Smiley

OC 84 Tonebender Mark II Pic1

OC 84 Tonebender Mark II Pic2

OC84 TB MKII Pic 3



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