Why you should give a chuff, about the Buff…


First of all… yeah I know… what a cheesy post title!

Wampler (fine pedals made in the USA) have posted a neat article on their blog about buffers, and why every guitarist should have one in their gig bag.

Read it here:


As well as being incredibly useful, buffers are also pretty simple circuits to DIY.

A good overview of buffer circuits, with schematics , can be found on the excellent AMZ site here:


Also, if you are after a buffer, and don’t want to go the DIY route, or shell out on a boutique/bespoke solution, all Boss pedals are buffered bypass, so placing any old Boss pedal in your signal chain is an easy way to get in on the buffering action.

Any old Boss will do as a buffer…

Sometimes people complain about their tone being too ‘bright’ when using a buffer, but the reality is they are hearing how their guitar really sounds, before long cable runs cut the treble frequencies of your signal.

In my opinion, the real fun happens when using a combination of True Bypass pedals, and a good quality buffer in your chain.

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