Been a long time since my last post… 2014 has flown by!

Below are a couple of different builds that have been built up at SJ Effects past couple of months.

I have also been building some up the ‘standard’ line to order (Tesla, Goldcrest, Gray Train) which are being well received by customers.
I am also currently working on a new revision of the Tesla Cannon fuzz that will have some new features, and will also have easier external access to the clipping switches (customers have found experimenting with different combinations fun).

I hope to have that one ready for early 2015 along with another fuzz design.

There are also other exciting projects in the pipeline that I am working on, but I want to keep them under wraps until they are 100% complete and ready to rock!

I also have some other designs that I am hoping to release as ‘open source’ for fellow DIY’ers to build up, order PCB’s for etc.

Hope everyone has a good Christmas… and take it easy on those mince pies!

Steve @ SJ Effects

CE2 Chorus Clone

Open Range Silicon Treble Booster

Fetoplex FET Preamp

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