Gravy Boat Fuzz

Gravy Boat Fuzz

The Gravy Boat.
Balls to the Wall Fuzz Tones!

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The Gravy Boat is a balls-to-the-wall silicon fuzz tone, and is based upon the classic Colorsound ‘One Knob Fuzz’ Fuzz Box.

The pedal works very well in combination with an overdriven amp, and as well as the available volume and fuzz controls, adjusting your guitars volume and tone controls yield a wide range of cool tones.

There is a LOT of volume on tap, which can be combined with the Fuzz to slam your amp hard, and add a little overdrive sheen to your thick fuzz tone!

The pedal features BC108 and BC109 transistors (as used in the original), which produce a smooth fuzz tone; a bit less harsh and grainy than standard silicon transistors.

Noise is kept low by carefully selecting and matching the transistors for each build, the use of metal film resistors,  and optimally biasing the circuit.

The pedal also features full true bypass switching, battery and 9VDC power options and an LED indicator (although if you can’t tell when this beast is on you might want your ears testing 😉 !)

The pedal works great with both single coil and humbucker equipped guitars, and also sounds GREAT with a bass. Listen to the soundclips for examples of each!

Please note the circuit can also be built to standard Fuzz Face specs on order if required (ala Jimi Hendrix’s Fuzz Faces etc.)

The Gravy Boat

Gravy Boat


The external controls are simple: Volume and Fuzz.

Turning up Volume gets real loud, real quick. I suggest starting at minimum and working your way up.

The Fuzz control ranges from a slight bit of hair, to all out hairy fuzz goodness. I suggest starting at max and trimming the fuzz down if required.

There is also a ‘Weight’ toggle switch. This allows you to match the low-end response of the pedal for your application, and can also help to cut through the mix.

The Gravy Train also features an internal Bias trimmer, which is set for optimum biasing. However, adjusting this control can also yield another interesting range of tones and textures (just remember or make a note of where it was originally set!).


Coming shortly!


  • Classic Silicon Fuzz.
  • Heavy duty True Bypass footswitch and PCB assembly with LED status indicator.
  • Volume, Fuzz and Weight controls.
  • Quality 1/4 Inch Neutrik Jacks.
  • 125 B size enclosure, with side mounted jacks and 9V connector.
  • Wima and Panasonic Capacitors.
  • 1% Metal Film Resistors.
  • Vintage Style Chickenhead control knobs.
  • Long life, PCB mount Alpha potentiometers (which are securely fastened to the enclosure with a nut and washer to ensure reliability and longevity).
  • Custom finished hammerite die cast aluminium enclosure with hand applied graphics.
  • Hand selected and matched BC108 and BC109 Silicon transistors.
  • Built by hand, with love, in Nottinghamshire, UK.

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