Been busy times at SJ Effects the past few weeks.

One of the things I have been working on is my Tonmeister design.

The Tonmeister is a 3 band equaliser based around the 3-band Baxandall active equaliser design. The circuit also comprises of an input buffer, and output gain stage, to increase versatility.

The circuit can be used for many applications, including:

  • As a versatile tone control/equaliser for amps with no tone controls (Fender Champ etc.)
  • ‘Tone sculpting’ after/before other effects (the Tonmeister is great fun to tweak running after an Overdrive/Distortion/Fuzz pedal).
  • A buffer.
  • A Treble/Mids/Bass/Full range booster.
  • It also works great on Bass guitar!

I’m really loving this circuit at the moment; its incredibly versatile, kind of an ‘always on’ pedal. I’ve found it really cool running after Fuzz pedals to ‘shape’ the overall tone of fuzzes.

There is an internal voltage inverter circuit that enables the circuit to run at +9/-9V. This allows for more headroom to be available than with standard ‘9V only’ boosts and eq’s.

I’m considering the Tonmeister becoming a ‘standard’ SJ Effects pedal (along with the Tesla Cannon and a few other things) in the near future.

If you would like me to build you one just get in touch!


Tonmeister EQ and Preamp

Tonmeister Gutshot

Tonmeister Gutshot

Prince Albert

Here’s a few quick pic’s of my Catalinbread RAH clone that I built for myself.

I called it ‘Prince Albert’ 😉

I used PCB mounted pots (which I use for most builds now), which made the wiring a lot less of a headache!

As with all Catalinbread circuits, this thing rules. There is a lot to learn from their designs IMO.

Its another cool JFet overdrive (my favourite type) that responds really well to picking dynamics, and loves Humbuckers.

Check out their stuff at

Prince Albert Overdrive

Prince Albert Gutshot