Mojo Germanium Fuzz

I have been lucky enough to come across a stash of vintage Germanium transistors (Texas Instruments and Mullards).

The first pedal I have built with some of these is a fuzz face with mojo components in a massive enclosure.

I can honestly say that this pedal sound fantastic; its my favourite fuzz face I have ever built.

The pedal is a  PNP configuration using a TI 2G371 and 2G345A. It also has mallory caps for the mojo factor.

The only mods were using a 100K vol pot for a brighter tone and replacing the 470 Ohm output resistor for 1K for a higher output level.

Do big enclosures, axial components etc. add to the mojo? Who knows but it certainly looks cool!

Next in line is a Tonebender MKII in a similarly ridiculously oversized enclosure 😉

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