SJ Effect Devices PCB’s

I have started designing my own PCB’s rather than using veroboard.

This makes prototyping new circuits great fun; its really cool to have PCB’s of your own design drop through the letterbox!

I have been using the Dorkbot batch pcb service, which is brilliant if you want small quantities on a reasonable lead time.

This service has become something of a hit with the DIY pedal scene and I can see why; great products at a great price.  And to top it off the PCB’s are purple 😉
Below are some pic’s of one of my first designs; its  the buffer stage from the famous (and rare as hens teeth) Klon overdrive pedal.

Also pictured is my own design for the ubiquitous SHO boost. The board is so small it fits on to the back of a pot!

I built it cornish style in a heavy duty enclosure as I was sick of my 1590A enclosure buffer shifting around all the time.

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