Eternal Guitars ‘Betty’…

I thought I would write a short write up about a guitar that I custom ordered a while ago…

Meet Betty, built by the wonderful Dave Walsh of Eternal Guitars.

I had been looking for a Tele for a while, researching and trying out different types (ranging from Squiers all the way through to Fender Custom Shop models) to find ‘the perfect Tele’.

I eventually decided that I was basically after ‘Keef’s’ Micawber, but with a less aged (read battered!) look. I’m not the biggest Stones fan in the world, but I am a fan of old maple neck ash Tele’s with a humbucker in the neck position.

I stumbled across a review of one of Eternal Guitars Tele’s in Guitar and Bass Magazine. It was really cool to see there was someone in the UK building ‘relic’ style Fenders to such a high standard.

I contacted Dave, and he was really helpful and informative. He was extremely quick to respond to all my queries and questions, and made sensible suggestions and mods to try and get the spec down to what I was after.

After a few emails discussing the spec, I put a deposit down for ‘Betty’ to be built. I had never previously had a custom instrument made exactly to my specifications; I usually just mod cheaper guitars myself until I am happy with them.

The customer service Dave provided was exemplary. He even sent some necks through the post to me to try out before committing to a certain shape. I eventually settle on a ‘V to C’ neck shape; super comfy and perfect for me. I asked for a lightly aged finish, with the neck pickup the ‘right’ way around and also positioned a little further from neck heel than ‘Micawbers’ usually have. The fretboard was also specified at a flatter radius than an original 50’s Tele.

After a few months, Betty was born!

It (sorry ‘She’ 😉 ) plays perfectly. The setup was perfect as soon as I received it; no changes necessary. The finish was also perfect and carried out exactly to my specifications and how I had asked it to look. My favourite pickup setting, strangely, is the middle setting; which used to be my least favourite on Teles. There is definitely a ‘magic’ to HB fitted Tele’s!

I honestly cannot fault this guitar on any level. I can see myself keeping ‘Betty’ forever, and my Tele requirements have also been well and truly covered!

Hope you like the Pic’s. I would highly recommend Eternal Guitars to anybody. Send Dave an Email see what he can do for you!


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