Latest Builds…

Here are a few builds I completed recently.

They all use the new graphics/decal method I am using from now on.


This is a Tremolo I built up based on the EA (Electronics Australia) Tremolo circuit.

This circuit has been around since the 60’s, and is kind of a DIY classic.

Its a really cool, old Fender amp like, tremolo. The modulation is nice and smooth.

I guess there is a reason why this circuit is still so popular after all these years!

The toggle switch is for switching out the modulation to use the pedal as a clean boost/preamp.

The preamp has a really nice, warm tone, so I thought it would be helpfull to have the ‘boost mode’ as an option.

EA Tremolo with boost only switch

EA Tremolo Gutshot


Furball Fuzz

This is a Fuzz Face variant I built, based upon the Dunlop Eric Johnson Fuzz. I used different transistors than the Dunlop version (the Dunlop uses BC183’s, mine uses BC108’s), but used similar components and biased it to give a similar tone to the Dunlop EJ Fuzz Face.

The PCB layout I did uses Axial components for that vintage vibe and ‘mojo’ factor.

I have to say that Eric Johnson has definitley got an ear for what constitutes a nice Fuzz Face; kudos to him for tuning this circuit to his liking as its really cool!

Due to the way the circuit is biased you get a nice  chewy, hairy fuzz. Its usefull for a lot of things, not just playing Eric Johnson covers!

Furball Fuzz with Percy the Piranha

Furball Fuzz Gutshot


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