Tremolo + Vibrato

Another recent Tremolo + Vibrato 2 in 1 build I completed.

The enclosure is a lovely colour, one of my favourites.

Unfortunately my supplier has stopped selling them and I only have a few more in stock 😦

The tremolo is based on the classic EA Tremolo, and the vibrato is based on the Tim Escobedo Wobbletron circuit (modified for Vactrol LFO control) for a Magnatone amp style vibrato effect.

Both circuits have independant speed and depth controls. The toggle switch selects between the circuits. The volume control is a master volunme. The tremolo has quite a lot of output volume so can also be used as a boost when the depth control is set to min.

Vibrato and Tremolo 2 in 1

Vibrato and Tremolo 2 in 1

Vibrato and Tremolo 2 in 1 Gutshot

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