Champion Fuzz

I had some spare time so finished this one for myself over the weekend. It’s a clone of the old B+M Champion Fuzz Unit, which is very similar to the Jumbo Tone Bender, which in turn is a derivative of the Big Muff circuit.

The B+M Fuzz Unit was the pedal supposedly used by Edwin Collins on the Girl Like You solo (you know the one: da derr da der der derrr, da der da der). Great song, and great guitar tones!

The PCB had been sat built up on my work bench for nearly a year, so I thought it was about time to finish it off.

I put it in a massive enclosure with ridiculously big knobs because, well, why not!

To my ears, the circuit sounds best when used with bass guitar. There is something lacking when used with normal guitar, and I find the conventional Big Muff circuit (and it’s derivatives like my Tesla Cannon) to be a much better fit.

If you are a bass player though, it is fair to say this circuit is a must try.

Champion Fuzz Unit

Champion Fuzz Unit Gut Shot


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