Tesla Cannon Fuzz

Exciting news!

I have added a page for another addition to my ‘Standard’ line of pedals that I build; the Tesla Cannon Fuzz!

I have been building this circuit for a while now for my clients, and have tweaked it to the point where I feel it meets all the requirements, and tonal characteristics, I look for in a Muff style pedal. I really love this pedal, and I hope you will too.

More info can be found here: https://sj-effects.com/pedals-for-sale/tesla-cannon-fuzz/

You can also navigate to the Tesla Cannon product page using the pedals menu above.

I will be uploading more sound demos (and a video) soon.


‘Muck Monkey’ 2in1 Tesla Cannon

This is another custom build that I recently completed.

It’s a 2 in 1 pedal, with two Tesla Cannon circuits running with Master + A/B switching.

The two Tesla Cannon circuits (based on the classic Big Muff) were tuned slightly differently; one slightly ‘hotter’ than the other for higher gain.

I used  BC184 transistors (hand selected for the right gain) for the lower gain rhythm channel, and 2N5088 transistors for the higher gain lead channel (again hand selected).

The higher gain circuit is more suited to lead playing and the lower gain circuit more suited to rhythm etc. work.

Both channels are very flexible though and can be used for a multitude of tasks; the mids knob really helps in this regard.

The pedal was hand painted at the request of the customer. I have not done this for a while (I usually use decals/labels), but I was pretty happy with the end results. I should get the old paint brush out more often!

It sounded great when testing, and the Master + A/B switching that the customer requested was a good idea as it allows you to go from clean, to rhythm to lead very easily.

If you are interested in a build similar to this just send me an email and I will get back to you ASAP.
Hope you like the pics, but no ‘gut-shots’ for this one unfortunately, as I was so eager to ship the pedal I forgot to take any!

Muck Monkey 2 in 1 Pedal.

Muck Monkey 2 in 1. The picture also shows the ‘case candy’ I ship with each pedal. The envelope includes (brand new) SJ Effects Picks, Manual, stickers etc, rubber feet etc.

The Hummer (‘Mayo’ Style Big Muff with Mids knob)

Another day, another Muff  😉

This is a custom Tesla Cannon that I built for a guy who loves his Skreddy Mayo, but wished it had more control over the mids, and a tad more gain on tap.

He is also a massive Smashing Pumpkins fan (as am I for that matter), so the name came from him.

The PCB is my standard ‘Tesla Cannon’ circuit, but with some tweaks to get a tad more saturation and gain going on (larger coupling caps, lower value emitter resistors etc.).

I also used 2N5088 transistors (I usually use BC184C’s or BC550C’s) in this build to bump the gain up even further. The transistors were hand selected and tested as usual with all my Big Muff builds.

This thing is a beast; it produces a huge wall of fuzz, and the sustain control has a lot more usefull range than most Big Muff’s I have used.

It sounded so good I almost wanted to keep it for myself 😉



The Wall (Big Muff + Bass Fuzz).


After a nice break over Christmas and New Year I am kicking of 2013 with another custom build.

This is a 2-in-1 fuzz pedal for a cool guy from Perth, Australia.

Its a Woolly Mammoth-alike circuit (built on a Madbean Sabretooth PCB) going into a Hoof-alike Muff (built on one of my new Tesla Cannon V2 PCB’s).

I tested the Muff circuit side by side with my own EQD Hoof and it sounds pretty much indentical to my ears (other than there being a bit more gain on tap on the Tesla Cannon). The PCB allows you to switch between LED or 1N4148 diodes for each clipping stage with the DIP switches.

You could also choose no clipping on either stage if you wished to as well, which would produce cool jumbo tonebender tones.

There is also a mids control on the Muff, that lets you go from traditional ‘scooped’ mids, to boosted mids.  This makes the circuit a lot more versatile than a traditional Bif Muff, and helps to ‘cut through’ a band mix.

The customer chose the pedal and circuit names: ‘The Wall’ comprising of ‘Brick’ and ‘Mortar’.

He is a White Stripes and Black Keys fan, so I think he should dig the tones this thing produces.

Hope you like the pics!

The Wall 1

‘The Wall’ 2-in-1 Fuzz Pedal

The Wall 2

The Wall. 2-in-1 Fuzz Pedal

The Wall 3

The Wall. Gutshot! 2-in-1 Fuzz Pedal.