Multiplex Delay + Reverb

Another day, another delay!

This is 1776 FX’s Multiplex delay PCB/project that I built up.

I also coupled it with a reverb circuit to give a kind of ‘Space Echo’ vibe.

More info on the multiplex (and where you can buy the PCB’s if you are a DIY’er) can be found here: (

The Multiplex has three modes; ‘Binson’, ‘EP3’ and ‘RE-201’. The RE-201 mode in particular is massive fun (2 seperate delay lines for some rythmic delay fun).

This is undoubtedly one of the best delay circuits I have tried; it just sounds ‘right’ and mixes with the dry guitar tone very well. The reverb is based on the Belton Reverb module (as used in the Hermida reverb etc.), and is a really nice sounding ‘verb.

Pics of the build:


Multiplex + Reverb Combo


Multiplex+Reverb Combo 2

Multiplex + Reverb Combo 3

Multiplex + Reverb Combo 3