The Gravy Train Overdrive

Here’s the Gravy Train overdrive. Which I posted a soundclip for last week.

This is one of my Standard line of pedals (ie. non custom), and can be ordered from the ‘pedals for sale‘ section on the site.

Here’s the soundclip:

Its an Overdrive based on the classic DOD OD-250. With selectable Asymmetrical/Symmetrical clipping stages. This defines the overall tonality of the overdrive/distortion.

The symmetrical clipping  uses some old OA202’s (no longer manufactured) which I have a small stock of. After going through all my collection of clipping options (germanium, silicon, LED’s etc.) these sounded the best to my ears, so in they went.

I’m loving this circuit; Its so simple, but it sounds really great.

Hope you guys like the pics and soundclip!

Gravy Train Overdrive 2

Gravy Train Gutshot