Why you should give a chuff, about the Buff…


First of all… yeah I know… what a cheesy post title!

Wampler (fine pedals made in the USA) have posted a neat article on their blog about buffers, and why every guitarist should have one in their gig bag.

Read it here:


As well as being incredibly useful, buffers are also pretty simple circuits to DIY.

A good overview of buffer circuits, with schematics , can be found on the excellent AMZ site here:


Also, if you are after a buffer, and don’t want to go the DIY route, or shell out on a boutique/bespoke solution, all Boss pedals are buffered bypass, so placing any old Boss pedal in your signal chain is an easy way to get in on the buffering action.

Any old Boss will do as a buffer…

Sometimes people complain about their tone being too ‘bright’ when using a buffer, but the reality is they are hearing how their guitar really sounds, before long cable runs cut the treble frequencies of your signal.

In my opinion, the real fun happens when using a combination of True Bypass pedals, and a good quality buffer in your chain.


Another custom build that I recently shipped!


This is a combination of Tremolo and Vibrato circuits in one pedal.

The customer wanted the pedal to have a  a similar look to the old Maganatone amps. It also features independant speed and depth controls for both the Tremolo, and Vibrato.

The tremolo circuit (based on the classic EA Tremolo) also works really well as a booster with the depth set to minimum!

New Guitar Day (Tele Build)!

The day all us guitarist’s love… New Guitar Day!

NGD! Tele 1

I recently finished my Tele parts-caster build. I was going for a Gibson/Fender ‘Tele Junior’ look and vibe.

The body is a Fender Roadworn that I scored on Ebay. I routed it for a neck humbucker. I know the mixed opinions about relic’d/worn bodies, but I think it looks cool, so that’s all that matters right? 😉

The neck is a Warmoth stock neck. It is their Boat shape, which is on the chunky side, and feels really nice (similar to my Les Paul).  As a comparison it’s a lot comfier than the neck on my Baja Tele (which may even be a smaller profile). The Radius is Warmoth’s 10-16″ compound profile. The necks got a rosewood board, and the main neck material is maple with a brown lacquer finish. I was going to splash out on a full rosewood neck, but the costs were just a bit too high for me to stomach!

Most of the hardware is bought from Axes’R’Us, and WD Music in the UK. Wilkinson compensated saddle bridge and Kluson ‘Button’ tuners  for a little bit of a Gibson vibe. The hardware is all aged to look a little worn. I cut the Pick-guard on a jigsaw to get that shape.

Controls are a standard 3 way switch with independant 500K volume controls for each pickup (I never use the tone control on my other Tele).

Pickups are the Seymour Duncan Lil’59 for Tele in the bridge and Creamery UK pickups ‘Hot Swing-O’ at the neck.

The Creamery pickup is beautiful; probably my favourite Tele neck pickup I have tried so far (link here). You get a really nice open neck tone (almost Strat like), but with  more grit and mid-range punch. This pickup is perfect for rhythm playing, and blends really well when mixed with the bridge pickup.

The Seymour Duncan in the bridge I am not so sure about yet, I am still looking to see what other options are available for HB size tele single coils.

Anyway, I’m loving it so far, and its playing and sounding great… I hope you like the pics!

NGD! Tele 2

NGD! Tele 3

Cool Article: Five Influential Fuzz Tones

USA boutique store Pro Guitar Shop have a cool article on their blog about 5 influential fuzz tones.

See (and listen) here: http://proguitarshop.com/andyscorner/tone-roses-five-influential-fuzz-tones

I could argue that there are a few omissions that are worthy of a place in the Fuzz hall of fame though (Mosrite Fuzzrite, Univox Superfuzz etc.)!

Tesla Cannon Fuzz

Exciting news!

I have added a page for another addition to my ‘Standard’ line of pedals that I build; the Tesla Cannon Fuzz!

I have been building this circuit for a while now for my clients, and have tweaked it to the point where I feel it meets all the requirements, and tonal characteristics, I look for in a Muff style pedal. I really love this pedal, and I hope you will too.

More info can be found here: https://sj-effects.com/pedals-for-sale/tesla-cannon-fuzz/

You can also navigate to the Tesla Cannon product page using the pedals menu above.

I will be uploading more sound demos (and a video) soon.


Night Shift (Maestro Stage Phaser Clone)

Another recent build here.

Maestro Stage Phaser clone built on one of Madbean Pedals PCB’s.

I went for a slightly different look on this one with the black and white graphic which I think came out cool.

It’s sounding great; really nice ‘chewy’ phaser tones, and a nice variant from the usual Small Stone/Phase 90’s etc.

It sounds great on guitar, and also sounds great on keyboards, synths, bass etc.

Night Shift Phaser 1

Night Shift Phaser 2

‘Muck Monkey’ 2in1 Tesla Cannon

This is another custom build that I recently completed.

It’s a 2 in 1 pedal, with two Tesla Cannon circuits running with Master + A/B switching.

The two Tesla Cannon circuits (based on the classic Big Muff) were tuned slightly differently; one slightly ‘hotter’ than the other for higher gain.

I used  BC184 transistors (hand selected for the right gain) for the lower gain rhythm channel, and 2N5088 transistors for the higher gain lead channel (again hand selected).

The higher gain circuit is more suited to lead playing and the lower gain circuit more suited to rhythm etc. work.

Both channels are very flexible though and can be used for a multitude of tasks; the mids knob really helps in this regard.

The pedal was hand painted at the request of the customer. I have not done this for a while (I usually use decals/labels), but I was pretty happy with the end results. I should get the old paint brush out more often!

It sounded great when testing, and the Master + A/B switching that the customer requested was a good idea as it allows you to go from clean, to rhythm to lead very easily.

If you are interested in a build similar to this just send me an email and I will get back to you ASAP.
Hope you like the pics, but no ‘gut-shots’ for this one unfortunately, as I was so eager to ship the pedal I forgot to take any!

Muck Monkey 2 in 1 Pedal.

Muck Monkey 2 in 1. The picture also shows the ‘case candy’ I ship with each pedal. The envelope includes (brand new) SJ Effects Picks, Manual, stickers etc, rubber feet etc.