The Hummer (‘Mayo’ Style Big Muff with Mids knob)

Another day, another Muff  😉

This is a custom Tesla Cannon that I built for a guy who loves his Skreddy Mayo, but wished it had more control over the mids, and a tad more gain on tap.

He is also a massive Smashing Pumpkins fan (as am I for that matter), so the name came from him.

The PCB is my standard ‘Tesla Cannon’ circuit, but with some tweaks to get a tad more saturation and gain going on (larger coupling caps, lower value emitter resistors etc.).

I also used 2N5088 transistors (I usually use BC184C’s or BC550C’s) in this build to bump the gain up even further. The transistors were hand selected and tested as usual with all my Big Muff builds.

This thing is a beast; it produces a huge wall of fuzz, and the sustain control has a lot more usefull range than most Big Muff’s I have used.

It sounded so good I almost wanted to keep it for myself 😉




Dr Gonzo Distortion

Here is another recent build; the Dr Gonzo distortion/overdrive.

It’s called Dr Gonzo for no other reason than my love of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (by the brillian Hunter S.Thompson).

Its an LM386-Power Amp Overdrive/Distortion, and is great for Stoner Rock type tones (think QOTSA, Kyuss, Sleep etc.).

The LM 386 gives a really great, thick, overdrive tone. Along with JFET overdrives (eg. Catalinbread DLS) it is one of my favourite overdrive/distortion circuit topologies.

Hope you like the pics!

Dr Gonzo 1

Dr Gonzo 2

Tonebender Mark II

Another day, another fuzz!

Here be a Tonebender Mark II stuffed with good ol’Mullard OC84’s.

The pedal also has an internal voltage inverter circuit (the PCB attached to the 3PDT), so the PNP (positive ground) pedal can be powered/daisy chained with other standard NPN (negative ground) pedals.

This Tonebender sounds nice and full and ‘growly’. The fuzz is a bit warmer and ‘open’ in comparison to OC75 loaded Mark II’s (to my ears anyway).

Also, something about Tonebender Mark II’s just make me want to play Led Zeppelin (Mr Page used a TB MK II extensively)  Smiley

OC 84 Tonebender Mark II Pic1

OC 84 Tonebender Mark II Pic2

OC84 TB MKII Pic 3



Back in the Saddle…


After a short break of a few weeks (during which I got hitched and went on my honeymoon) I am back up and running at SJ Effects.

I am currently catching up with orders and emails, so if you have contacted me in the last couple of weeks please be assured I will be getting back to you ASAP.

I will also be shortly uploading info on another SJ Effects pedal; the ‘Tesla Cannon’. Its my own take on the classic Big Muff circuit, and has been a popular circuit with my customers for a while now.